Although I’m using Drupal I post on Typo3 again.

However, I had the following problem: I want to show a latest news block for tt_news on one special page only. So I defined a new content mapping in TemplaVoila for this block (lib.popular, don’t ask why ;-) ).

The answer is quite simple: Check for the page ID and show the stuff on the right page only. First I thought that you have to use GP:id, but that’s not the case. Might be obvious to the enlightened, but it was not to me. <!–break–> “`

News LATEST in left column

[globalVar = TSFE:id = 2] lib.popular < plugin.ttnews lib.popular { { latestHeader = Das Allerneuste vom Neuen! } altMainMarkers.TEMPLATELATEST = CUSTOMLATESTSHORT altMainMarkers.TEMPLATELATEST.wrap = ### | ### code > code = LATEST pidlist > pidlist = 49 # the pids of the pages where your news are stored catImageMode = 0 catTextMode = 0 latestLimit = 10 displayList.imageCount = 0 } [global] ”`