I recently had the problem that I wanted to call a URL from a shell script and thought that wget might do the job.

The site requires authentication so I thought of using my Firefox cookie for this. Bad luck, Firefox 3 now uses sqlite to store their cookies so I can’t use the cookie file directly sigh

After some extended search on the net I found several options:

  • Read the cookie from Firefox manually and add it via the “`–header”` options of wget.

wget –cookies=off \ –header “Cookie: Name=cookietext; \ expires=Thu, 20-Jan-11 14:16:08 GMT; \ path=/; domain=.schnuckelig.eu” \ http://www.example.com/mysite.html

  • Use Export Cookies which enables you to export your cookies as the “old style” text file usable by wget

  • Use aria instead of wget, because it can read cookies from Firefox 3 files and has some nice additional features.