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Axis2 memory leak on redeploy

1 minute read

For quite a while I’m facing the well-known problem of memory leaks while re-deploying Axis2 Webservices on Tomcat and JBoss. The problem is that you run ou...

minTTY: A usable terminal for Windows

less than 1 minute read

From time to time I get re-bound to an operating system that’s not my favourite: Windows. This time it’s in the Windows 7 incarnation. OK, I have to admit th...

Axis2 SOAP message logging

less than 1 minute read

From time to time I want to read the messages that are send from Axis to the endpoint. The solution is quite simple if you already use a logging framework f...

add-apt-repository and proxy settings

less than 1 minute read

I always had the problem that the global proxy settings I set for Gnome weren’t recognised by <pre>add-apt-repository</pre>. Therefore adding new...

Resolve incoming conflicts with SVN automatically

less than 1 minute read

OK, you might expect that I have the killer tool that really solves merge conflicts automatically, but this one-liner is much simpler. I sometimes update my...

Cross Domain Popup opener reload

less than 1 minute read

A couple of days ago I had the problem that I needed to reload the opener from a popup window. Thought that it should be a breeze. Simply call opener.reload(...