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Started with jQuery

less than 1 minute read

Since I needed a good Javascript library to ease some of the daily Javascript stuff one has to fight with I decided to start with jQuery. I used mootools al...

Pagerank 2 for my site

less than 1 minute read

During the last Pagerank update my site got a better pagerank and has now 2. Not sooo much though, but still… So thanks to everybody reading or at least vis...

Backporting Subversion 1.6 to Debian Etch

less than 1 minute read

Unfortunately I’ve to use a machine running Debian Etch. Yes, that’s pretty old and it should definetily updated to Lenny asap, BUT I’m not the admin… sigh ...

Sun Java 5 on Ubuntu Karmic

less than 1 minute read

Since the <a href=”>End of Life of Sun’s Java 5</a> is reached and even the End of Service Life (EOSL) at 8th of Oct...

Roundcube installer (version 0.3) and eAccelerator

less than 1 minute read

I use Roundcube mail from time to time, but faced some errors or weird behaviour regularly. I therefore decided to re-install the latest stable version, whic...

How much does a meeting cost?

less than 1 minute read

I recently found the most wanted feature ever: The meeting cost ticker Found at Colin Loretz Blog

Meizu M6, Rhythmbox and HAL

1 minute read

I already wrote about my Meizu M6 and Rhythmbox and how to get them working together. This time HAL, the hardware abtraction layer in recent Linux systems is...