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Unfortunately I’ve to use a machine running Debian Etch. Yes, that’s pretty old and it should definitely updated to Lenny asap, BUT I’m not the admin… sigh

It’s getting even harder since we’d like to use Subversion 1.6 on that machine for some reason. Firstly because of the better reintegration mechanisms compared to 1.5. Therefore I’m trying to backport the current Squeeze packages to Etch.

I can assure you that it’s pretty hard, not the dependencies, I was able to solve most issues easily and only the sqlite had to be backported, too, so far, but the Java-bindings. A lot of classes make use of subclasses, but the gcj 4.1.2 doesn’t support subclasses very well.

If anybody has some good hints, except using the Sun Java SDK, I’d really appreciate that. OK, maybe I really have to switch to the Sun Java SDK or a newer version of gcj suporting the -all-switch.