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As I already told you I wanted to give Conkeror a try and I kept my promise.

I downloaded the Ubuntu Jaunty packages and built them for my box running Intrepid. This ran quite smooth and even the installation went flawlessly.

When I started Conkeror, I was a bit surprised. The browser is stripped down to the very basics and you have to configure it yourself. It comes with a brief tutorial on how to do the very basic things and you can find a lot of configuration tips at the Conkeror Wiki. The complete lack of a menu and other GUI elements makes it remarkable in a way.

I tried to visit some sites and that worked very well, except the navigation, which you really have to get used to. If you’re looking for a very basic browser Conkeror is probably an alternative for you, but I have to admit that I didn’t get used to it while trying. Maybe it’s because I’m too comfortable with my Firefox the way it is.

Conkeror started as an Firefox extension and that is perhaps a better idea to allow new users to smoothly get started to this kind of browsing experience.

So if you’re into Emacs and looking for new challenges you should definitely give it a try.