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As I already told I’m using policyd-weight for SPAM protection purposes. Since I’m always curious how it behaves I use the mailgraph to get some statistics from my logs.

If you look on the number of past week’s sent and received mails is approx. 0.13 mail/minute.

Sent/received mails

And this is less than the number of malicious mails in comparison that number is slightly higher with 0.15 mails/minute.

Sent/received mails

What I find the most interesting is that most of these mails are rejected directly and only 30 mails are detected as SPAM. I got no false positives so far with this setup and only 2 not detected SPAM-mails in 4 weeks.

You can surely imagine how happy my inbox is right now, the number of received SPAM and even of undetected SPAM decreased dramatically.