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Since I haven’t started a new Perl project for a while and especially none where I wanted to use CI, I was using ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

However the options of downloading dependencies are very limited and from Java I was used to such a nice build tool like Gradle. Unfortunately the Gradle support for Perl is very limited… at best.

There is a first start of a Perl plugin, but it’s very limited.

I somehow had a resistance against Dist::Zilla, but I gave it a try…

After reading some documentation and following the tutorial I was pleased, to my surprise and it works like a charm. Afterwards I thought that my resistance was due to the fact that my expectation was finding a tool that it too much Maven-like.

But that’s not the case from my point of view. I have the freedom to use what I want, configure everything the way I like it and that’s fine for me.

There a of course some controversial discussion on going about the “right”(TM) build tool. Dist::Zilla is quite heavy weight and that’s why Dist::Milla was developed.

For now I go with Dist::Zilla and I’m quite pleased so far…