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Lot’s of people are facing the same problem: Mail seem to be lost when using Evolution’s Exchange connector.

This bug is well known, but even a quite recent SVN version seems to contain this bug. So if you read the mentioned bug reports, you’ll find out easily that this problem is hard to track. Yes, I confirm that.

I have no clue when and how this error occurs, but I know that it exists and it’s getting really annoying.

The usual workaround deleting the Exchange subdirectory does not really work.

evolution --force-shutdown
rm -rf ~/.evolution/mail/exchange/

Maybe I have to delete the ~/.evolution/exchange/ directory as well as supposed as solution. I’m scared loosing my setting then…

Besides that I found another workaround (sorry, lost the link) by creating a “Search folder” for the Inbox and there you’ll see all you message then (select all remote folder as option, otherwise I won’t work).