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I updated my pretty old Eclipse Europa installation to Ganymede today. OK, the restart you have to do quite often were really annoying, but besides that everything worked quite well.

As you can image, not everything like it revealed some minutes later (otherwise posting this would be terribly boring, wouldn’t it ;-) ). I wanted to use Subversive the SVN Team provider again. Unfortunately it didn’t work out… sigh I’m already used to affliction so I started to looking for help on the net and found the interesting article of ObLiB facing similar problems.

Albeit my problem was a bit different, although the error messages were quite similar, because I already had the latest Subversive version, I found the answer in Rohan Hart’s comment.

I also deleted .metadata/.plugins/svn and .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings/svn in the affected workspace.

That solved the problem. :-)